Purchasing & Travel - Travel Tips

  • Trips should be approved by both the trainee’s mentor and Program Director prior to travel arrangements being made. The Program Director’s approval is required on all travel expense reports.
  • For airfare, US flag air carriers must be utilized. First-class airfare is not chargeable to the grant.
  • Rental car insurance fees are not reimbursed by the University as the WUSM has a policy which covers rental cars. Rental car upgrades must be justified.
  • Hotel fees should be for single rooms and taxes only. Multi-person rooms are allowed if this reduces costs for the trainee. Entertainment expenses such as in-room movies, etc... are not chargeable to the grant. Phone and internet expenses charged to the grant must be business-related.
  • Fifty dollars/day for meal expenses is considered reasonable. A single meal expense exceeding $50 is not allowable on the grant. If a meal does exceed this amount, then the dollar amount over $50 must be charged to a department account (please provide).
  • If costs for a hotel room or meal are being split between Washington University employees, please provide your Coordinator with the name, department, and Travel Expense Report number (or departmental contact) for the other employee(s).
  • Original, itemized receipts (credit card receipts are not acceptable) are required for all reimbursements.
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