Purchasing & Travel -
Purchasing Tips

  • Always sign your orders/check requests/travel reports.
  • Only charge research-related items to the grant.
    • Please refer to the examples of allowable and unallowable expenses below. If in doubt, please check with the Training Grant Coordinator to see if costs are allowable.
  • Sponsored Projects requires a 2-3 sentence scientific justification for general purpose items, such as computers.
  • Please do not put off all of your purchasing until the end of the year. A large number of purchases and high-cost purchases at the end of the fund cycle raise red flags to internal/external auditors and SPA.
  • Original, itemized receipts (credit card receipts are not acceptable) are required for all reimbursements.

Please note that all orders, requests for reimbursement, and balance inquiries should be directed to Tamara Toal.

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